First Class vs. Private Jet Charter: What’s Best?

The above question is often asked as a query by those who have dollars at their disposal to be spent on air travel while the rest of the world asks just out of curiosity. Both are high-end flyers, with one being slightly cheaper than the other. When flexibility and privacy are taken into consideration, then private jets are better alternatives but if budget and cost are the major concerns, then flying First Class is any day better.

However, there cannot be just one answer to your choices. There are different factors to determine which mode is better and the answers are subjective to the flyers preferences. There is no one answer to tell which one is better than the other. But there are certain factors based on which one can decide if it is better to fly in a First Class or a Private Jet Charter.


On a holistic view, the Private Jets appear costlier than the first class seat. So it is logical to compare and consider the two options only if budget is not a constraint. Nevertheless, there can be instances when traveling by a private jet proves cheaper than taking the first class seat. This usually happens when traveling in a group.

The cost of renting first class seats for all the members can be costlier than renting an entire private jet according to the size of the group. This is because the fare for renting the private jet is the same if one person travels or 8 or 10 people travel, as per the jet’s capacity. Let us understand this better with an example.

For instance, the flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas of October 2018 was anywhere from $7000 to $1000. And for the same trip the rate for Los Angeles private jets, as per the Skyjet charter service, depending on the plane size, was $2800 per hour for Light Jets, $3800 per hour for Mid-Size Jets and $4500 per hour for Super Mid-Size Jets and $6500 per hour for Large Cabin Jets. This makes the jets a pricey option.

On a closer look, if two tickets are booked for a first class seat double the amount of rent is paid. If a group of 8 is traveling, eight times the rent is paid. When a private jet is rented, the cost per hour of traveling solo, dual or in a group of 8 is the same because the jets are booked entirely. This makes flying by a private jet when traveling in a group more economical.

There is another pricing basis which factors the decision to choose between the two options of flying. That is when flying overseas or say long distances the private jets come to be costlier as a bigger range plane will be required to take those long trips. The commercial flights are relatively cheaper, provided again there is no group traveling all in first class seats.

Private charter crew meeting their guestAmenities and Facilities

To be honest, those traveling by either a private jet or in a first class seat of the commercial plans can be exceptionally demanding at times. They fancy being pampered, attended for and treated well throughout the journey in the air. To cater to the endless list of demands and requests or say orders, it is better to take a private jet.

Private Jets are more committed to providing and catering to a wide array of client requests. The level of personalization that private jets provide in unmatchable to the limited facilities provided by the commercial airlines to its first class seat customers. While private jets provide for VIP catering, the commercial flights provide for the regular cold meats, salad, fruits, pastries, etc. For drinks, there is champagne along with a range of soft drinks, juices, tea, and coffee.

Other Benefits and Perks

There are other factors based on which one can choose between the two options. Here are some of them-

  • Private Jets though on an expensive side, turn to be more economical when considered with respect to the traveler’s time. These travelers’ are mostly on a time crunch trying to fit in an endless number of meetings in a single day. They travel not only to big and metropolitan cities but also to small and nearby cities. The cities near to the metros usually do not have access to commercial planes. Commercial airlines fly to largest airports only. So for a traveler going to a small city by a commercial plane will have to include the time spent in the travel from the airport to the city and the round trip back to the airport. Also, the time wasted at the airport at early check-ins, long ques and other security and clearance lines. Hence it is better to take a private jet which flies even to the small airports in these cities.
  • As obvious, the timings of the commercial flights are fixed, and it becomes imperative for the traveler to schedule their meetings and other plans according to that. This may become a tedious task requiring a lot of pre-planning, scheduling, and booking. On the other hand, in case someone takes the services of flying by a private jet, the schedule becomes more relaxing and liberal. Unlike private jets, the commercial planes do not wait for the passenger to board the flight. They fly as per their fixed time, with or without the passengers. The private jets wait and operate only when the traveler wants to.
  • The prospective benefits of flying in a private jet include the facility of bringing the pets on board. There is also no issue relating to the baggage, its weight, its damage or loss. For handicap people, patients, the private jet is better in comparison to flying first class because of the comfort and convenience.

To Sum Up

Having gone through the various deciding factors, one can choose the mode of transportation that matches the requirements in the best manner. There are different pros & cons to both the private jet and first class seat travel. Where one is easy on the pocket, the other provides comfort and convenience. Compare the two upon planning a trip and then pick one.


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