Positive Effects of Skydiving on the Body

There’s more to skydiving that you think.

It is no secret that skydiving makes for an exhilarating experience, to jump out of an aircraft that is flying anywhere between 1000 to 4000 meters above the ground. However, there is more to skydiving that many don’t quite realize.

While this fun activity makes for a memorable experience and helps you escape the clutches of reality, even though for a few short minutes, you also get to burn calories by skydiving. There is also the stress reliever side to the story.

When it comes to losing weight, the usual suspects are drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, and the likes. The physical benefits of skydiving are, sadly, less explored. This post takes a look at some of the ways in which this exciting activity can stimulate physical and mental wellbeing in individuals.

Physical Benefits

  • Boosts endorphin levels:

Same adrenaline rush as bungee jumpingThe endorphin boost experienced at the time of skydiving is one of the well-recognized benefits. It is commonly referred to as an “adrenalin rush” which brings on positive effects such as a euphoric feeling, slight boost to the immune system, and mental clarity. It also gives a temporary rise to your physical strength, making you feel like a superhuman for that brief moment.

  • Builds endurance:

Those who think that it is stylish to be falling out of the sky are only half right. Skydiving also represents a physical sport and, just as in every other sport, requires the participant to be strong, agile, and dexterous.

A solo skydiver needs to lug around the 20lbs of skydiving gear after landing on the ground. For someone interested in doing this 10-to-12-times a day, it puts a lot of demand on the body. Over time, though, you get to develop endurance so as to find it easier in keeping things moving.

  • Your back muscles take center stage:

Developing specific areas of strength and muscle memory is one of the major benefits of freefall. In order to freefall in a stable condition, you need to assume a position with your hips pushing down, belly down, and back arched. This engages the muscles along the core, spine, and glutes.

Once you do a few jumps, you will realize that there are certain muscles in your back you were totally oblivious of. Start a regular fitness program to complement the development of these hitherto-unknown muscles.

  • Better flexibility:

You need to be both flexible and strong for maintaining the arched body position while in freefall. More the number of practice-runs in the air will help improve your on-ground flexibility as well. The inverse holds just as true – improve your flexibility on the ground with a well-planned stretching routine and your body can be adjusted better for various aerial maneuvers.

Mental Benefits

While the physical effects of skydiving are pretty obvious, the majority of the long-term effects are the ones that take place in the mind.

  • A shift towards positive perceptions:

How do you think you will feel once you have completed your first skydive? Empowered, liberated, and ready to face anything that the world is prepared to throw at you. Over the subsequent days, this positive perception will gradually change your view of day-to-day challenges. What was once a daunting and intimidating task will soon start to look like a manageable trifle.

You took a leap, consider it to be your leap of faith! You succeeded in conquering something that was part of your wildest dreams. You pushed yourself out of the comfort zone and, guess what, you were a success!

  • You will start feeling more grateful:

Research on positive psychology suggests that gratitude and greater happiness are linked together. When you go skydiving, it helps you reacquaint with this feeling that, though a simple one, often evades the best of minds. Freefall will bring a lot of joy to you, and you will find yourself feeling grateful for all the daily gifts you see around you – the air you breather, smiles, sunshine. When your head is among the clouds, it becomes just that bit easier to realize that the world is a truly beautiful place.

  • Pushing yourself to new limits:

Skydiving is regarded as an extreme sport because of the challenging and thrilling experience it brings with it. It can be terrifying for anyone to fall off an airplane. Once you succeed in conquering this activity, all other challenges will start to feel trivial.

  • Relieves your stress:

Relieve stress while conquering fearsRecent research suggests that for the human race to continue, it is very important that we partake in high-risk activities. One of the major benefits of skydiving is that it helps you focus on the moment and forget about everything else.

Just for a few minutes, you forget that your life has many worries or that your daily life is full of ample amounts of stress. This intense activity helps cleanse your mind and allows you to stay focused on all that really matters. It’s also important that the skydiving company that takes you for the dive understands your personality and ease your anxiety and conscious. Find best of the diving dropzone in the United States with

  • A major confidence booster:

Everyone who participates in skydiving will realize what a truly life-altering experience it is. Once you have a go, you will start to notice things about yourself that are different from your normal self.

There have been instances where people have evolved into a more confident and open-minded selves for having dared to try something as risky as skydiving.

  • You learn to conquer your fears:

An extreme and thrilling activity, skydiving leaves you with a supremely confident feel and helps build in you the realization that you are stronger than you would have believed yourself to be. It gives you a kind of courage with which you believe that you can succeed at doing anything you put your mind into.

In order to keep your mind in a healthy state, you need to connect with your peers. Every person you meet at the skydiving drop-zone share something in common with you – they love and cherish the experience of freefall. Their vibrant energy and charming persona set them apart from the rest. As you start growing through the ranks, the acceptance and support you find from the community will help you realize how invaluable you are to some people.

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